Differences Of Opinions About Movie Ratings

People have practice of checking he movie rating before allowing their children to watch a movie. But the movie sometimes does not match up to the movie ratings. Since the movie rating should be according to the message delivered sometime the message would be out violence and dirty things but the rating will for children from 12 year. This could be a disastrous message that is delivered to child of 12 years. They should not be exposed to such violence yet the movie raters do not think so. They just want the movie popularity to increase therefore they just expose the children to any type of violence. Most parents just look at the rating and then let the child watch the movie and they do not know what their children are exposed to till they see them mimicking the actions from the movies.
How to know what your child is watching
It is better for the parents to know what their child is watching. Therefore before letting your child watch it you go through the movie if you have time. If not, watch the movie trailer of the movie and read comments by the people about the movie. There are so many websites that are mentioning the whole storyline and rating them. There are movie reviews and critics that the parents can read about and decide which movie they can watch. Bollywood movies are not very good movies that you can let your children watch since they have so much violence practiced in the movies. Most of the movies are showing of one man actor fighting gang members by hitting them or by use of firearms.
It is the same with best Malayalam movies they also are filled with violence. Many Indian movies are famous for their violence and the actions in the movie. People flock to watch it just for their action packed movies. If there are movies without action there are fewer crowds involved.
Importance of movie rating
Many people check the movie rating when children before 18 years are watching movies. This movie rating allows them to check whether the children of certain age can watch certain movies. Many parents believe this movie rating as guidance to them to allow children to watch some movies. But some movies even if the rating allows the parents need to re check the movie reviews since the movie may contain very violent clips which is not appropriate for children. The movie raters need to make sure that the movies are appropriate and the total movie is proper for the child of certain age.