Editing And Proofreading In Language Services

When we are learning to write at school, we are always advised to re-read what we wrote. That is simply to make sure we have not made any mistakes in our writing. In that sense, when we write something in the professional level we have to absolutely make sure that our writing is error free. Otherwise, we may be producing a piece of writing with mistakes that discredits us. When you are translating a document from one language into another also you have to make sure the writing and translating in the final document is error free. That is why professional language services hire editors and proofreaders to re-check their work. Let us see what an editor or proofreader does in the context of language services industry.

Omitting Any Mistakes

An editor or proofreader makes sure that the final document a language services company offers is mistake free. For example, when a client uses financial translation services to translate a financial report that client is expecting to have an error free product. However, if the translation ends up with mistakes in entering the financial figures, that can have a negative impact on the client. In return, it will have negative impact on the language services company. That is why an editor or a proofreader is used to correct mistakes.


Just making sure grammar and the data in the final product is correct is not enough when it comes to a translation. For example, in legal translation in Abu Dhabi, the content has to be translated in the style of a legal document which is normally writing in long sentences without breaking the points into smaller sentences. Proper scrutiny by an editor can make sure that the translator has followed this style in a legal document.

Improving the Quality

Even at a factory, there are people to check the quality of the product so that the product a customer gets produces high customer satisfaction and protects the good name of the company. In the same manner, a translation also has to go through an editor to make sure the quality of the document is high. Anyone can string a few words in the target language and produce a translation. However, a good translation will have an error-free content, good writing style and will be presented in a coherent, neat manner. An editor makes sure this is the quality of the product that is handed over to a client.

Editing and proofreading plays an important role in language services as they help a company to produce error-free content in a suitable, pleasant writing style.