Keeping Up With Social Media: The Pros And Cons

Humans are essentially a group of beings that prosper in numbers and similarly, find it difficult to survive in solitude. The need for and birth of society was as a result of the fact that human beings need to live in groups in order to fulfil their personal need as well as their social needs. Society has come a long way since the societies of the ancient kingdoms. However, the need to always be surrounded by your own kind has never left the human condition.

Now more than ever, more focus is being given to communicating and keeping touch with other people and lived ones on a regular basis. With the development of technology, it became extremely convenient to communicate with and manage ties with anyone around the world, simple through the press of a few buttons a smartphone.

Social media has become a great part of every modern individual’s life nowadays. Whether you are simply using Facebook to keep in touch with family while studying abroad, or you are a budding fashion blogger following the latest makeup trends on Instagram to shape their next editorial, social media has become a powerful way with which to express oneself and one’s ideas to the world in an influential manner.Pros of using social media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to keep in touch. Accessible across many platform and devices, you are able to enjoy social media through everything from your laptop to the smart-watch on your wrist.

It has also become a great platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their business ventures, by marketing to people across social media sites. Not only is this cheaper than setting up a physical store, it also allows businesses to reach a larger number of customers all across the world. It has even become a way in which the best women entrepreneurs are able to get equal footing with their male counterparts in an essentially unequal world.

Social media is also fast becoming a tool to create social awareness on important and controversial issues in society. Many issues such as gay marriage, LGBT rights, gun control, and police brutality are being discussed on social media platforms, and awareness is raised regarding these issues.

Cons of social media

As with anything, social media use also has its onset of disadvantages.

One of the most common issues is that more and more people are enjoying time on social media while disregarding actual relationships in real life. Young people have especially gotten a bad repute for spending too much time on their phones and letting their relationships in real life suffer as a result.