Preparing To Have Kids

Having kids can change a couple’s life entirely. It could bring great joy to a married couple and further increase their bond, or it could also result in panic and tension in the case of an unmarried couple having to go through an unplanned pregnancy. Either way it will change your life completely, so here are a few things to prepare for before you decide to have kids.

How many?

Most women may already have an answer to this question even during their childhoods, when they plan out their entire life’s future. But you may want to reconsider this based on your partner’s preference as well. In the case of the man, you should always take into consideration the expectation of your wife as she is the one that would have to go through the excruciating pains involved in labour.

Can you have kids?

It is one of the disappointments that a couple can experience; finding out that they cannot have kids. If you have a history in your family of anyone being incapable of having kids, then you might want to get a check-up. Although even if the results state that you are suffering from reproductive limitation, you could get an infertility treatment in Dubai in some circumstances. One of the main misconceptions is that only women can be infertile, this is not true as it can affect men as well.Finance

Having kids would mean additional financial expenditure. Some of the short term expenses would be the expense of the labour itself, check-ups prior to the labour process or even a greater expense in the case of an IVF pregnancy treatment. Apart from these, there is the long term expenditure of having additional mouths to feed, clothe and shelter. Seeing to the needs of your child, your child’s education, college, etc. If you feel you are not prepared to financially support your family having another child, then you might want to put this off until you are more financially stable.

Are you ready for it?

Being able to have a child is one thing, but being prepared to raise a child is an entirely different matter. The child would heavily depend on the mother during its infancy stage so it is vital that the mother of the child is healthy enough to raise the child. The child would see to the parents as their role models so get rid of any bad habits that you may have such as a drinking problem or drug abuse.

Therefore, remember that having a child would involve major life changes so always use proper family planning methods if you don’t plan on having kids.