Things You Need To Start Your Own Beauty Salon

One of the most important things to consider when you open a salon is the equipment. It is that you are able to deliver to the customer all that you say you can do, so before you start you have to be properly prepared.

Chairs and mirrors

These are obvious necessities. Find large mirrors that will easily allow you to see what you are doing. Mirrors also give the illusion of space, so if you have a small space for your salon you can make it appear bigger by placing several mirrors in suitable positions.

Always use special chairs made especially for this purpose.


Decide on the set of services you want to deliver. You should get the appropriate tools. You will obviously need proper scissors and such tools, but think more carefully when you buy other appliances such as hair irons and curlers. Do not skimp on these. Buy goods from a trusted brand. This may cost you a little bit more, but you will be able to deliver a better service and the customer will come back for more.

Manicures/pedicure stations

These stations will have to be separate from hair cutting stations. You will need foot baths manicure/pedicure chairs to give your salon a more professional look. These stations will need a good supply of freshly laundered towels, water bowls, dryers and magazines. Dryers will help your clients dry their nails much faster and avoid smudged nails. Magazines are optional, but they will keep your clients entertained while you handle their nails.

Create a suitable ambience

We will psychologically attach a pleasant ambience with a good service and a bad ambience with a bad one. So creating the right atmosphere is as important as having the right tools. Gents salons with refreshing forest fragrances will be more appealing to men than those with the flowery fragrances preferred by women. Give the decorations also a little bit of thought. It also plays an important role in attracting customers.

Furnishing a men salon Dubai or ladies salon separately will is generally easy. However, if you hope to open a unisex salon it is best to have a separate section for men and women. This will ensure privacy and it is easier to cater to the individual needs of men and women.

Show a little appreciation for using your services

This is probably something that is done in high end salons or you could do it once you establish your business. You can give your customers tea, coffee or something else just while they await their turn.

Before you start make do not list services that you cannot deliver. This will give a very bad impression. Start small and then expand. That is better than getting off on the wrong foot.