Types Of Desert Safaris To Enjoy In Dubai

When you talk about desert safaris most of us would be reminded of the typical rides that include a collection of activities like dune bashing, sand skiing, dancers around a campfire and a BBQ. While this is a good way to have some fun and also have a taste of the desert this type of safari can make you feel rushed. Activities like dune bashing can make you feel sick and it is not always family friendly. From an ecologists point of view unrestricted dune bashing can destroy desert wildlife as most animals tend to live under the sand during the day. Hence, if you would like to experience a different type of safari perhaps you should try some of the following.

Night safari

The desert comes alive at night. The warm temperatures during the day force all the insects and other animals into hiding. At night the temperature becomes much cooler and you will be able to see a many unique desert animals in action. Some of these animals include the fruit bats, veiled chameleons, frog eye gecko, Arabian wildcat and desert hedgehog. Depending on the evening dessert safari Dubai tours available you may observe nightlife on a 4WD or in some cases on foot.

Wildlife safari

Vegetation and wildlife maybe sparse in the desert, but it is not completely absent. Several food chains flourish especially around an oasis. The expert tour guides will be able to show you the unique flora and fauna of the desert. You may observe wildlife on foot or on a 4WD.

Falcon safari

Falconry was used by the Bedouin to hunt for food. Falcons are expert hunters with superb vision. For falconry they are bred in captivity and trained. In these safaris you will be entertained by a skilled falconer.

Camel safari

Enjoy riding on the ‘ship of the desert’ while appreciating the beautiful sunset in Dubai. Once you get used to it, the camel’s slow rolling gait is sure to relax you. You will also get to feel what it was like to travel in the dessert back in the day when this was the only means of transport. There are several desert safari deals which will allow you to choose the time span of your ride if you aren’t sure whether you’ll like the ride.

All these safari packages include food and entertainment as well. Some safaris will also give you an overnight experience. These safaris are excellent if you prefer to enjoy the desert with your whole family. They are also a good for those who are concerned with the protection of the environment, but want to enjoy the beauty of the desert.