Where Best To Have Your Photos Shot, In The Heart Of Dubai?

Are you planning your engagement? Or are you planning your wedding? If it is yes to both or either of it and you are planning yours to be in the heart of Dubai, then you are in for a real treat. Dubai’s got its beauty to have the perfect wedding engagement or the wedding as a whole and what gets better is having to have your photos taken in some of Dubai’s most attractive spots. Dubai is full of beauty and has so much to offer. When preparing for your big day, pictures become a big part of it.

You always want the wedding photos to be perfect. This is why you need to pick the perfect photographer, to have it shot for you. When you have picked your photographer, make sure you have the chat with them before, to pick some perfect venues to capture the pictures. Dubai is full of these spaces and you cannot absolutely miss it and just have a shoot done at a plain old hotel premise. Making use of these venues, will create some beautifully unique pictures that you can keep looking back on, as it will create some of the best memories here. Here are some spaces to keep in mind, for your next shoot.

The desert

If you are planning your engagement on the desert, this calls for professional engagement photos to be taken of the big moment. The desert becomes a unique space to ask the love of your life to be yours forever. When planning the photoshoot for this moment, work around the desert, because the desert can create a perfect setting for pictures to be captured. The sand dunes and the freely blowing air can create its own filter, to capture the moment of love and joy.

It is not only the moment of engagement, but you can also have your wedding photography done at the desert of Dubai. It is a breathtaking view and becomes one the most perfect spaces to have pictures taken. One might think, it can get too sandy and messy, but if you are looking at a unique shoot, the desert becomes the perfect space on its own.

The beach

Beach shoots are ever so popular today, but when it comes to the shores of Dubai, it is much more unique. The Gulf strip creates the perfect space and ambiance for any wedding shoot to be capture, whether it be under day light or after sunset. During the day the sun, sets the perfect lighting and the perfect mood for a shoot, while at dusk, the lights around the Gulf strip beach, bordering Dubai, creates its own canopy of lights, bringing out the beauty of the Dubai beach, which surely needs to be a part of the pictures, of your big day.